IT solutions don't create themselves

We Solve IT Problems

Do you wish that you could prevent information technology problems from negatively impacting your business? You don't have to worry about this problem if the correct solutions are implemented, your users are educated and your IT operation is monitored and managed properly. Juvatek can help.
We Solve IT Problems

You Probably Need an Upgrade

Windows XP no longer supported

Microsoft will discontinue the support of all XP based operating systems in April, 2014. Are you ready to update your legacy XP systems? Juvatek will help you upgrade your XP desktops using current and cost effective technologies without disruption to your business.
Windows XP no longer supported

Audit? Leaky servers? Unsecured connections?

Your Data Security Matters

There is great comfort in knowing that your company’s information is safe and secure. Juvatek will help you fully define and remove your current security vulnerabilities.
Your Data Security Matters

Are you ready for Cloud Computing?

Making the Move to Cloud Computing

Are you considering cloud computing for your company? Is your company cloud ready? What cloud services are best for your company? Do you have the knowledge and skills in-house to move to cloud computing? Juvatek can help.
Making the Move to Cloud Computing


Additional Services

01 Desktop virtualization

02 VMware implementation

03 Security auditing

04 Mobile management

05 Disaster recovery

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